Promotion:  point to point
1. The DM folding invitation are sent directly to 200 top-grade arenas  in Guangzhou. 
2. Cooperate with several Banks in Guangzhou to put up posters about exhibition information
3. Expressing 300,000 tickets to the owners of high-end cars in the park of Tianhe district, Yuexiu district, Haizhu district, Liwan district in GZ 
4. Expressing tickets to the best primary and secondary schools in Guangzhou. 
5. The cooperative extension will bring no less than 5000 high-end audience to come to visit. 
Promotion:  Expressing  invitations
1.  Guangdong truck masters, villa’s owners, high-grade residential owners, members from golf club and yacht club, owners of high-grade cars
2.  All major financial services’ VIP, platinum credit card customers
3.  The private banking clients
4.  The securities company’s VIP clients
5.  Embassies and consulates and foreigners and foreign government agencies and institutions on behalf of company 

Last Show Review:

The 5th Guangzhou Overseas Property &Immigration & Study Abroad Exhibition
Date: Nov.25-27,2016
ADD: China Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre
The 5th Guangzhou Overseas Property and Immigration Exhibition &International Study Abroad Exhibition which were co-organized by Guangzhou Huiduo Exhibition Co, Ltd, Guangming Daily News and the "Investment and Financial Management" magazine were inaugurated In November 25, 2016 in Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre.
In the afternoon of Nov.27, the exhibition ended with a successful conclusion.
  As the largest, most professional and influential Integrated platform for overseas real estate, investment immigrants and international study abroad in South China, COPE has inherited the previous experience and achievements, successfully held the 5th Guangzhou Overseas Property and Immigration Exhibition &International Study Abroad Exhibition. In this exhibition, we still won the praise and trust from exhibitors.
The COPE which were held in Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre had attracted about 100 high quality projects from more than 10 countries and regions, such as USA, UK, Australia, Cyprus, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, etc. The major projects were: the United States EB-5 projects, the United States real estate and study projects, the Australian property and study projects, the Caribbean Saint Kitts projects, the Singapore study projects, Malaysia second home projects, Malacca projects, the Canadian real estate and study projects, the British real estate and Study, Thailand real estate projects.
Among the showcase’s three days, there were a total of 8112 visitors on site according to official statistics. The first day (Friday) is sunny and warm, there were more than 3,000 visitors, the second day (Saturday) due to strong cold air, the impact of the dropping temperature led to a full day of rain, but still can’t reduce the enthusiasm of the investors’ investment , the scene still reached more than 1,000 people trips. The third day (Sunday ),the sunny weather has picked up, more than 2,000 people were present.
The following chart is a data chart counted in Nov.28,2016

COPE Organizing Committee would like to thank exhibitors for their support and recognition of this exhibition, but also for their valuable opinions. COPE draws on its previous strengths and experiences to create a more perfect overseas investment platform. , To create a model for overseas investment platform in South China.
Sum up:
The 5th Guangzhou Overseas Property and Immigration Exhibition & International Study Abroad Exhibition held in November 25-27,2016  in Guangzhou Pazhou International Sourcing Center, ended at 15:00 in November 27. The exhibition had gathered nearly 100 projects from more than 20 countries and regions to come to display, The results of the show meet the expected demand of the Organizing Committee, also recognized by the exhibitors.
An exhibition with full harvest can’t be short of diligent responsible staffs ultimately and must win the recognition of exhibitors. We firmly believe that: to find the buyers for the sellers, to find the sellers for the buyers on the purpose of focusing on the core of professional concept. We have a goal to create the best platform for overseas investment in South China, vowing to organize the best show at all cost.

2017 China (Guangzhou) Overseas Property & Immigration &Study Abroad Exhibition
DATE: Nov.17-19,2017
ADD: China (Guangzhou) Nanfung International Convention & Exhibition Center

  • “Not only we are able to sell our projects at the expo, there are many people from many parts of the world coming here for network...
    Peter Ling,Kozin Real Estate
  • “We managed to connect with a lot of parents with children planning to go overseas to study. They are looking for properties in ci...
    William Wai, Director of Sales, Premier Capital Group
  • “We achieved very good results when interest garnered during the exhibition resulted in the sales of 5 pieces of Cyprus properties...
    Mr. Zhao, CEO, New Hope Overseas Group
  • “We are committed to the Chinese market as we are represented by our own office in China and also our wide network in China. The C...
    Barry Winter, Sales & Business Development Manager for China
  • “Chinese are now one of the tourist groups to Philippines and with such exposure more Chinese are beginning to invest in the Phili...
    Jacky Ang, Managing Director, Twin Creation Pte Ltd
  • “As for us, this exhibition is very successful. Not only have we found investors but we also found partners for our projects. We w...
    James, the Deputy General Manager of Simonds
  • “We were very successful in this event. We managed to collect a substantial number of valuable customers.”...
    Stacey Kong, Chief Executive Officer, KF Group
  • “We promoted the Holland property project. Just after 2 hours of show opening, we got 10 persons interested to purchase, far excee...
    Chen Jia Ming, Marketing Manager, Midland Realty
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